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Why Rightshift Learning Was Created?

Many teachers want a collaborative and empowered classroom, to increases depth of knowledge and engagement, and prepare their students for the 21st Century. The shelves overflow with books telling teachers this is the learning environment they should strive towards. Yet, in the real world, they are left without a solid approach for doing so. “We want to, but….how?”, are the thoughts of many educators. 

As teachers answer this call for action, the results often swing between two extremes. Either too much, too soon….or too little, too late. Chaos and frustration ensues in the former.  In the latter, stunted growth and boredom results. Educators are left feeling overwhelmed and confused as a reward for their valiant attempts transform their classroom. There is zone where one can safely meet this challenge while avoiding these two extremes. This is called Rightshift Learning.

Rightshift Learning provides an adaptive pathway to more learner independence and interdependence. Classrooms progressively build social and decision-making muscles through supporting scaffolds.  Rightshift Learning provides guard rails against chaos while challenging the classroom to stretch to more empowerment and collaboration.  We call these incremental shifts, at the right time and to the right level, Rightshifting.  The journey of the Rightshift is towards the goal of a self-organizing classroom,  which is the combination of high levels of empowerment and collaboration.  

Rightshift Learning is developed to support teachers to start Rightshifting today, wherever their classroom is. This site will outline a practical framework you can use on day one. You can use parts of the framework individually for a specific need, but, will work best when used as a holistic system.

To make good decisions and be responsible collaborators, students must be given opportunities to practice. Rightshift Learning  provides a safe place to start. Start small. Start big. Just start.

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