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Element 1 – The Visible Classroom

Classroom Canvas - Simple


The Visible Classroom creates engaging learning environment by projecting what and how we are learning on to the classroom walls. It is an integrated set of visual scaffoldings to support learning, empowerment, and collaboration. The visual scaffolding evolves to support the next Rightshift , while dissolving the constraints that restricts growth.It is the core foundation that permeates throughout the Rightshift Learning Framework.


There are 3 components to construct The Visible Classroom: Canvases, Cards, and The Flow of Learning . Canvases are big and dynamic visible visual aids that visually projects the process of learning from start to finish. We also call these Learning Radiators. The Canvas is populated with Cards, which are visual cues for goals, activities, and decisions. The Cards dynamically move through each step in the process that has been painted onto the Canvas.  This movement treats learning as the verb that it is. The energy through the kinetic chain of learning is what is called the Flow of Learning.  The Canvas, Cards, and Flow of Learning synergistically combine throughout Rightshift Learning, adapting to your context.

The Visible Classroom - Core Components

The Visible Classroom™ – Core Components


The Visible Classroom™ offers radiant clarity and transparency, providing benefits to the entire classroom community, such as:


  • a lack of clarity is often misunderstood as student misbehavior and lack of focus.  Often enough, it is the learning environment that is not providing enough clarity on what learners should be focusing on. The Visible Classroom™ provides this clarity, resulting in greater concentration and increased positive behavior in students.
  • the powerful visual and kinetic stimuli naturally captures the attention of learners.


  • Learners have enhanced awareness of where they are, what is next, and what they have accomplished. This increases the learner sense of control and reduces anxiety. This builds self-confidence  and confidence that they have a safe and supporting environment to learn.
  • Parents and administration grow more confident in the teacher through the transparency and clarity provided.

Engagement (Flow)

  • It provides Clarity, Centering, and real-time feedback, necessary conditions to evoke the State of Flow.

Continuous Improvement

  • It reveals the classroom to itself , which generates insights for continuous improvement of the classroom.

 Classroom Management 

  • The classroom becomes more organized and orderly.

The Visible Classroom™ is the foundation  you start with to begin Rightshifting, It supports the entire framework. It can also be used independently without incorporating the rest of the framework. The Visible Classroom can be started now,  offering big benefits immediately, without disrupting your current learning environment.

Get started now by visiting the Process section of the website and get big benefits with little effort and disruption (being written currently-stay tuned). Start Rightshifting today!

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